Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thunder in the Desert

Luke Days 2009

Luke AFB puts on a nice open house and airshow every year that attracts a lot of interest. With the schedule I've been running it's not been something that I've been able to get to for several years. This weekend however, it turns out I didn't have anything scheduled so Her Accuracy and I went out Saturday. Some photos here.

For as big an event as it is they handle the access, parking and crowd control really well. Lot's of neat civilian and military static displays as well as flight demonstrations. The Raptor was awesome, and being a rotorhead I really liked the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter as well. We got some pretty decent video, but I haven't edited it yet. Also got to meet blogger chic[k]pilot who's started posting again after a long break (like I should talk...)

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