Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The little things...

Sunrise at the workplace
Sometimes it's easy to let life's little hassles take on too large a part of the day.  I think it comes naturally - people listen to too much news, gossip, and unimportant BS and start thinking it has more of an effect on them than it really does.  Things have been a bit hectic at the airfield lately.  While we're not slated for a deployment at the moment we do have missions and training to take care of, as well as dropping off helicopters for overhaul or picking others up.  We're a little short handed so there's never enough time to get everything done.

Sometimes you need to adjust your outlook.  This morning I got in, got myself a cup of coffee and grabbing my camera and flash headed to the ramp to catch a sunrise photo of one of our birds.  So here I am - 0700 on a crisp morning getting ready to work on some pretty neat hardware, and I remember what it was like going to work in a cubicle every day.  Yeah, my day perked right up.

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