Wednesday, December 10, 2014

State Muster

An extreme case of parking in multiple spots.  Setting up our display in the morning.
This weekend Arizona had a state wide National Guard Muster at the Sun Devil Stadium on Arizona State University's campus.  Never missing the opportunity for a dog and pony show, we flew a helicopter in for a static display along with representative samples of other military equipment.  I spent the day with our crew showing off the Blackhawk to anyone interested.  I actually enjoy doing static displays once in a while as people who have never seen a helicopter up close get a chance to take a look and ask questions.


virgil xenophon said...

Only time I did a walk-thru of a Blackhawk was when we were living n Louisville circa 1987 and they set a brand-new one down in Cherokee Park one Sat morn (we lived just oppo the park on corner of perimeter road and Valetta Ave) and I took our eight year son down to stand in line for a walk-thru....seems like in another universe now..he's 37...yikes! At least you're still a mobile fossil Pogue --or are you still just in your early geezer-hood? :)

Pogue said...

No, I'm pretty much a full blown fossil - I'm one of the few in the unit that's older than our helicopters, although the USAF B-52's still have me by a couple years. I'm trying to get one more deployment in before the DOD tells me I'm too old!