Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home at Last

The flight from Taji to Kuwait

We're finally home! The trip from Taji started over three days as we had two helicopters leave for Kuwait each of the first two days then the last four left on the third day. (The last two stayed at Taji for shipment to their next locations.) On the way down we stopped at Al Kut for fuel and one last look at COB Delta and the off to Udari in Kuwait where we scrubbed the helicopters clean, recovered our unit equipment from them and went through the customs inspections. We had cleaned all of the helicopters pretty thoroughly before we left, so the inspection went well. It took several days for the battalion to get everyone processed through since the wash rack could only handle so many aircraft, but once we finished up we relocated to Camp Virginia to wait for out flight back to the States. Things really started slowing down at this point, as we ended up waiting for four days with nothing to do. Finally the flight to Ft Sill where we went through our demobilization process. This also took longer than expected, almost a week, but finally that too was over and it was time for the flight home.

For now I'm using the leave I've accrued over the last year and getting reacquainted with family and friends, and yes, doing all those chores that have been waiting for me.