Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend in the Field

One of our UH-60's arriving to our field LZ
Being an aviation unit, our weekend drills are normally conducted from our home station.  This makes sense since we can access any kind of terrain we need for training purposes easily, and why waste time moving to a different location?  One of the exceptions to this rule is when we're doing gunnery training.  This weekend we relocated to the Florence Military Reservation in Arizona where our small arms ranges are located.  We did our annual marksmanship qualifications, some training in Army field tasks, and the ground fire stages of our aerial gunnery qualifications.  This allows us to get the new crew chiefs up to speed on the M-240H machine guns without the noise and movement normal to flight.  In March we'll be doing our actual aerial gunnery training and qualification, which will be another field drill.  Gunnery is probably the most fun of the tasks we get to do.