Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hail and Farewell

Lex was laid to rest at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery Tuesday.  I had the privilege to attend the ceremony and reception.  FbL did an excellent post on the day that I highly recommend.

It was a beautiful day - a little cool, but perfect for wearing the Class A uniform.  The service was held overlooking the bay and Naval Air Station North Island.  It was a simple memorial, well attended by Lex's friends - both peers who had served with him and those of us who knew him only through correspondence and the online world.  The salute and taps was the moment of closure for me, when I could accept Lex has really moved on.  I was expecting an F-18 fly-by, but when I looked up and saw the F-18 and F-21 in close formation it was perfect.

The reception was held at the submarine base on Pt Loma.  For the next several hours many stories were told, memories shared, and friends and family celebrated his life.  It was wonderful to meet the family and friends he had so often written about.

The introductions at the reception were amusing - many of us took to introducing ourselves by name followed by screen name.  I wonder if there's a protocol for that?  While it was a sad occasion, the many face to face meetings with friends we had never met were a gift.

I would again like to express my respects and condolences to the family, and thank them for sharing their husband and father with us for these many years.  They are a wonderful family and I wish them all the love, strength and support for the future.

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